Global Female Empowerment

The issue of global female empowerment has been becoming more and more mainstream in recent years. It is a topic that was not often discussed as many in the Western World, had believed that equality of gender had been reached. However, recent studies have shown that women still trail men in regards to rights, wages and opportunities across the globe. Statistically, the more progressive the country, the closer the country is to equality on all levels.

Global Female Empowerment 3

What has also become apparent is the relationship between the equality gap and the economic success of the country. To simplify it, the more the country empowers women and gives them equal opportunities, the more vibrant and prosperous the economy is.

Global Female Empowerment

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, the husband-and-wife Pulitzer Prize winning authors, state in their new book, Half the Sky, that economic growth and prosperity will come from unleashing the true potential of females. They key in on 3 items that will help do this, that people of both genders should get behind and support:


Make Girls Smarter: Iodine is a supplement that Western women have frequent access to. It is known that pregnant women should take this supplement and that children that miss this, can lose up to 15 IQ points. It costs pennies per person and will help pregnant women develop their babies properly.


Support Female Led Business: For as little as $50, women can get a loan and start a small business. This allows them to provide for their family and get the next generation an education. Both MercyCorps and BRAC are helping women across the world start their businesses.


Keep Girls In School: Simply put, a girl with an education will have fewer children, earn more money, and be able to help her younger siblings. This is so important as we have seen in places like Cambodia, uneducated girls being dragged into the dark world of trafficking.

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