Fashioning Good Fortune: UNICEF Market Unveils the Color of Spring

With the welcome appearance of sunshine, even as winter’s cold grip persists, the daffodils are beginning to emerge, heralding the impending arrival of spring.

Within my home, the air is buzzing with excitement for the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year). My daughters are enthusiastically engaged in the creation of red dragons and the strategic hanging of red lanterns, traditions aimed at warding off evil spirits and ushering in good luck.

A child celebrates at a Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco. © MAY WONG/FLICKR

For everyone like me who is searching for red-themed wardrobe essentials, I’ve curated a list of exquisite red fashion accessories available on UNICEF Market. Beyond its symbolic significance of good fortune and joy, red is an ideal color to inject a lively vibrancy into our wardrobes during the last few days of winter.

And be sure to learn how to make this Lunar New Year happier for every child — at UNICEF USA. Meanwhile, your every purchase at UNICEF Market provides lifesaving support to children in crisis.

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