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Discover the perfect wedding, baby, or gift registry items at UNICEF Market, where style, and quality meet purpose. Just ask Arielle, aka Mrs. Frazzled, who recently curated her Virtual Baby Shower registry on with UNICEF Inspired Gifts.

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What’s Your Next Registry?

Preparing to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary this April, I reflect on the timeless treasures that grace my home. From elegant bowls, vases, and dishes to cherished gifts, each item holds a story, a memory of the cherished individual who gave it to us. These pieces have a certain magic, connecting us to special people in moments of love and celebration.

Below are some wedding registry and wedding gift suggestions inspired by my favorite items in my own home.

One of my absolute favorite pieces in my kitchen is my abstracted curved glass serving bowl. It’s not just a dish; it’s a culinary canvas. Whether I’m tossing together pasta salads, crisp green salads, or vibrant fruit salads, this bowl never fails to elevate the presentation. Every time I bring it out, it adds a touch of freshness and sophistication, making my creations resemble something straight out of a gourmet recipe book.

Eco-Friendly Handblown Glass Salad Bowl from Mexico, ‘Ethereal Delicacies

Another staple in my entertaining repertoire is my uniquely curved wooden bowl. It’s perfect for serving nuts, crackers, and more, adding a touch of charm to any spread. Whether I’m hosting a cocktail party or simply enjoying a casual snack with my household during a board game night, this bowl effortlessly infuses style into even the most mundane moments.

Handmade Teak Wood Snack Bowl from Bali, ‘Brown Shell

I included plenty of clear glass and crystal vases when I set up my registry. While these selections exude timeless elegance, I soon realized they didn’t quite complement my everyday flower arrangements as I had hoped. Moreover, they didn’t stand out when displayed as standalone art pieces. Over time, I’ve diversified my vase collection by incorporating more colored glass and ceramic pieces into my home. Now, even a simple bouquet of fresh-cut hydrangeas from my yard looks exceptionally charming and effortless in these new additions.

Blue-Green Murano-Inspired Handblown Art Glass Vase, ‘Wave’s Tear’

Thinking outside the box…

As my children have grown and I’ve relocated my fragile items to higher shelves, I’ve introduced some family-friendly games to our coffee table. Not only do they create impromptu moments of family bonding, but they also provide entertainment for our friends’ children while the adults catch up. Looking back, I realize I missed an opportunity to include some elegant tabletop games on my registry—games that would have added both style and amusement to our gatherings.

Handmade Multi Player Raintree Wood Game from Thailand, ‘Stacking Wall’

Why Not Add An Inspired Gift Donation?

With a wide array of options available, you can select one that resonates deeply with you, whether it’s focused on children’s nutrition, play, or education. These gifts not only make a significant impact but also save lives for children and families worldwide.

I have to admit, I’m a total sucker for anything related to play and the enchantment of childhood. That’s why I’d definitely toss in a few soccer balls.

5 Soccer Balls for Kids to Exercise and Play

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