UNICEF Market’s Response to COVID 19 – How We’re Keeping Our Customers and Team Safe

Amid the coronavirus crisis, UNICEF Market is working overtime to ensure our customers can feel comfortable purchasing the unique goods made by our talented artisans. Your continued trust and support are vital to UNICEF’s work to save and protect children from the escalating dangers of the coronavirus pandemic. Earning your faith is also essential to the livelihood of our artisans.

UNICEF Market has a critical advantage over other fair-trade eCommerce businesses thanks to our field partner Novica, which leverages a cutting-edge, global infrastructure to ensure that every purchase comes directly to you from a guaranteed clean packing environment. There are never individuals shipping out of their homes or unknown third-party sellers involved in bringing you the handcrafted treasures we’ve been offering
since 2015.
Artisans create our products in traditional ways, but our logistics system adheres to 21st-century best practices. Our storage rooms, packaging materials and shipping facilities have always been clean and modern. Now, we’re taking extra steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Effective immediately:

  • Our team has been trained according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for handwashing and social distancing 
  • All teams wash their hands with soap and water for 20-plus seconds upon arrival at the office and at least once per hour
  • All surfaces and equipment used in inventory and fulfillment are treated with disinfectants multiple times per day
  • Twice a day, team members’ temperatures are checked to confirm they remain fever-free
  • Any staff members presenting flu-like symptoms — cough or sore throat — must stay at home for at least two-to-four days after their symptoms have cleared up
  • Team members unable to work due to illness will receive paid sick leave
  • Controls are in place throughout our packing and shipping centers to ensure maximum safety for all

That’s how UNICEF Market can continue to offer beautiful artisanal creations that are packed, shipped and delivered to you in line with the highest standards of cleanliness. Artisans, struggling to keep businesses alive during the pandemic’s economic fallout, and vulnerable children who are endangered by the lethal threat of COVID-19, need you and UNICEF now more than ever. UNICEF Market is fully committed to our partnership with you, our loyal customers, to make your contributions to fighting this global health crisis. 

Thank you for your continued support of UNICEF Market’s artisans and the lifesaving UNICEF programs your purchases help fund.

Above all, we wish you and your loved ones continued good health.

Peruvian artisan, Asunta Palaez

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