Tourmaline: Pretty in Pink

Hey October babies! Your birthday’s almost here, and that’s good news for you and us because October is such a special time of year.

Leaves are turning beautiful colors. A refreshing chill in the air is just what we need after a hot sticky summer. Chill in the air = legit excuse to shop for a cozy new sweater! Slow cooker soups and stews make mealtime easy. And, let’s not forget, October’s birthstone: Pink Tourmaline!

Opal is considered October’s primary birthstone, but if you don’t want to go the expected route, tourmaline is for you!

What does Pink Tourmaline Do For Me?

The practice of associating certain stones with particular months has its origins in the ancient magic of Arabian sorcerers, although there are also biblical precedents. Gemstones are also connected with opening the Chakras—points of energy along the body—a common practice in the Hindu practices of India.

When it comes to its healing properties, around the world, pink tourmaline is believed to assist in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Considered a holistic treatment for motion sickness, Pink Tourmaline has also been said to increase mobility and dexterity.

And — moms, take notice! — Crystal healing experts tout it as soothing and calming for children, even suggesting that it can help them make better decisions.

A Brief History

Tourmaline did not become popular in the West until traders from the Dutch East India Company brought some back from the island of Sri Lanka.

But spiritual gurus of the modern era such as Rudolf Steiner have shown appreciation for its connection to the heart chakra and its facilitation of feelings of compassion, tolerance, tenderness, and unconditional love.

Properties of Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline actually comes in wide variety of colors, but Pink Tourmaline in particular can range from pale to deep, vivid red—in fact, it’s often been confused for rubies. Pink Tourmaline also has an especially engaging quality of clarity, sometimes being as clear as a diamond. Amazingly, Pink Tourmaline also carries electromagnetic properties.

Where it is Worn

Tourmaline has been popular with Empresses of China, and used in Native American art for centuries.

Although it’s mined in select locations (Brazil, Africa, and parts of the United States), because of its healing properties and association as a birthstone, Pink Tourmaline is now used by designers around the world, and even offered by name-brand department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

Pink Tourmaline Gift Ideas

Pink Tourmaline is perfect for those born in October, but its pinkish-red clarity is also perfect for those who prefer more subtle colors.

Here are a few of our favorite options now on sale at UNICEF Market, which also offers an extensive birthstone collection.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of earrings to dangle from from the ears and direct the eyes down toward your shoulders, the tourmaline cascade of these Waterfall Reflections will do the trick.

Unique Combination of Tourmaline and Sterling Silver, $31.94


These Floral Studs made from sterling silver and tourmaline will grace your ear with a feminine touch.

Sterling Silver Pink Tourmaline Floral Stud Earrings, $28.34


We love the organic, sculptural feel of these sterling silver statement earrings, which are studded with delicate tourmaline stones.

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Earrings with Tourmalines, $62.99

For those who like an all natural eclectic touch to grace their neck, this Gold-Plated Multi-Gem Necklace is the perfect fit.

Gold Plated Multi Gem Necklace with Pearls from Thailand, $107.99


Clean, modern, and yet elegant, this Gold-Plated Multi-Gem Stacking Ring brings together a nice bouquet of gemstones framed in gold.

Gold Plated Multigem Stacking Rings, $71.99


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