Artisan Profile: Zandra Lorena Sajbin

Zandra learned from her husband about creating jewelry. “I was encouraged to learn because I knew this will provide a better life to my family. I learned it from the father of my children. He was already working with jewelry when we met. He learned in a workshop located in Antigua Gautemala.”

Zandra Lorena Sajbin

Zandra Lorena Sajbin

“We decided to set up a small workshop and that’s where I became more interested in learning. I figured this could be the job of my dreams. I got involved in sales too, and I realized that I am very good seller. I was 19 and I was already pregnant with my first child, Fabricio. That was 11 years ago.”

Art is very important to Zandra because it has improved her life in many ways. “It allows me to fulfill the needs of my family and to live with dignity and let me be a role model for my children and demonstrate them that we need to put all our heart in what we want. I would like that people who see my work feel all the heart we put on it, all the effort and time it takes. It has also allowed me to provide work and train other people with needs of my community. Many of them are now very skilled and I know that in the future they will be ready to start their own businesses. “

Being able to crate and sell jewelry has provided security for Zandra and her family. “The income from my art allowed me to finish to paying off a house for me and my kids. We are not going to pay rent anymore! It is a great achievement and now nobody can get us out of our house. We feel safe.”

“One of the biggest challenges has been to raise my kids and motivate them to be prepared to face life in the future. I have had to work day and night, travel to far places, skip meals and forget my needs to cover theirs.”

Zandra has big plans for the future. “My hope is that my children grow up going to school and being very happy people. My priority is that my children have a good quality of life and have their own homes. I know I will have to work hard, but it will worth it. Next year I will go to the University. I am very excited! When I told my children they got very happy.

Zandra uses sterling silver and jade in a variety of shades, to create: rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Here are some examples of her beautifully handcrafted pieces:






For more of Zandra Lorena Sajbin’s work, you can visit her artisan page on UNICEF Market.

Every purchase at UNICEF Market helps UNICEF put children first and support local artisans like Zandra.

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