The Amazing Birth of a Hand-Blown Glass Pitcher

Watching Mexican artisans fashion hand-blown glass, like the multi-colored glass pitcher above, has the all the suspense of a race against time!

Though the tools are relatively basic — some molten glass and a long hollow pipe — the skills and artistry required to produce one-of-a-kind pieces like the pitcher above are anything but.

Blowing through a long hollow pipe to which they’ve attached a lump of molten glass, artisans must shape the molten glass into the desired form and color, constantly turning, before it cools down — below 2,400 degrees Farenheit!

Glass blowing has long been a thriving art form in Mexico. In fact the very first glass pieces produced in North America, were created in Puebla Mexico around 1535 by artisans brought from Spain.

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Hand Blown Glass Pitcher 71 Oz Multicolor Mexican Art, ‘Confetti’


Handblown Recycled Glass Goblets Set of 6, ‘Blue Horizon’


Handcrafted Blown Glassware Set from Mexico, ‘Celebration of Color’



Engraved Pepita Flowers on Hand Blown Rocks Glassed Set of 6, ‘Aquamarine Sunflowers’



Handcrafted Blown Glassware Set from Mexico, ‘Celebration of Color’



6 Mexican Hand Blown 15 oz Water Glasses in Aqua and White, ‘Whirling Aquamarine’



Colorful Handcrafted Blown Glass Highball Glasses (Set of 6), ‘Confetti’



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