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Mary Geluda

Mary Geluda

"Art for me is an instrument of internal peace."

"I was a little girl when I first felt the stirs of an unconditional passion for art. It started as a passion for music,... and it was soon followed a passion for jewelry design. I have happy memories of my piano and singing lessons, for they mark the beginning of a romantic journey through the artistic universe.

"Several encounters with artists followed, and they soon became my friends and teachers, such as Bernardo Krengiel, Caio MourĂ£o, Marcio Mattar and Andreia Nicaccio. However, the most significant encounter in relation to my artistic formation came by way of Roberto DeRegina and his band. During those dynamic years, I was in his band as a singer of Medieval and Renaissance melodies. I also managed the band's performances throughout Brazil and abroad.

"It was a marvelous period in my life, and it is from here that a considerable part of the essence of my artistic work comes from. I was able to absorb naturally all the refinement, elegance, and delicacy of the poetic universe through my contact with erudite music. This definitely has influenced my jewelry collections.

"Another source of influence comes, without a doubt, from the Old Continent. I am the daughter of Polish immigrants of Jewish origin, who tried to make a life for themselves in tropical lands. European culture has always been present in my life. My father was a great storyteller, and he would always narrate, in a delicate and poetic way, the history of his people and of his land.

"Art for me is an instrument of internal peace. It is a link that transports us to a soft and harmonious world where I can develop as a creator and as human."
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