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UNICEF Market Curation

Maximize your impact and help UNICEF save and protect even more children when you curate your own collections.

Enjoy arranging UNICEF Market items into your own collections, and we'll exhibit your work throughout the marketplace to inspire visitors to shop to build a better world.


UNICEF Market Curation

Why be a Curator?

Why be a Curator?

Perhaps you are a creative spirit that wants to lend your artistry to a great cause? Or maybe you've always wanted to own your own boutique, showcasing rare finds from around the globe? UNICEF Market curation lets you unleash our passions - all while helping UNICEF USA save and protect the world's most vulnerable children.


  • Easy setup - start curating within minutes!
  • Create as many collections as you want
  • Curate from over 8,000 items, and 2,000 mood images
  • Watch as your impact numbers grow
  • Easily share your collections with friends
  • Know that every collection helps us build a better world

Getting started is easy!

  1. Activate your member page to start curating
  2. Create your first collection
  3. Share and repeat!


Getting started is easy!
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