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Musical Instruments

Shop to build a better world! UNICEF Market's Musical Instrument Collection helps UNICEF save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Every gift you purchase helps save children's lives.

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Wood djembe drum, 'Elephant Beat' - Wood djembe drum

Elephant Beat

Wood djembe drum

(Salihu Ibrahim)

Wood djembe drum, 'Fear None but God' (black) - Fair Trade Handmade Wood Drum

Handcrafted Beats

Fair Trade Handmade Wood Drum

(Ernestina Oppong Asante)

Brass gong, 'Temple Tam-Tam' - Brass gong

Temple Tam-Tam

Brass gong

(Jaifah Aksornsri)

Wood djembe drum, 'Colors of Africa' - Hand Carved Djembe Drum

Colors of Africa

Hand Carved Djembe Drum

(Ernestina Oppong Asante)

Wood djembe drum, 'Sword of Justice' - African Wood Djembe Drum

Sword of Justice

African Wood Djembe Drum

(Ernestina Oppong Asante)

Iron and brass gong, 'Thai Harmony' (large) - Iron and brass gong (Large)

Thai Harmony

Iron and brass gong (Large)

(Jaifah Aksornsri)
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