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Unique Handmade Jewelry Sets

Shop unique handmade jewelry sets for women from UNICEF Market. Our handcrafted unique jewelry sets include combinations of artisan necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings made from around the world. Each piece of unique handmade jewelry purchased from UNICEF Market will help save children's lives.

115 items

Dichroic art glass jewelry set, 'Cherry Crush' - Dichroic art glass jewelry set

Cherry Crush

Dichroic art glass jewelry set

(Debora and Marco)

Obsidian jewelry set, 'Taxco Blooms' - Obsidian jewelry set

Taxco Blooms

Obsidian jewelry set

(Guillermo Arregui)

Art glass jewelry set, 'Infinite Color' - Dichroic Glass Jewelry Set

Pink Perfection

Dichroic Glass Jewelry Set

(Debora and Marco)

Amber jewelry set, 'Honey Sea' - Amber jewelry set

Honey Sea

Amber jewelry set

(Olga Hinojosa)

Turquoise jewelry set, 'Taxco Blooms' - Turquoise jewelry set

Taxco Blooms

Turquoise jewelry set

(Guillermo Arregui)
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