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Curation FAQ

The Basics

What is curation?

Curation is a feature of UNICEF Market that allows you to create beautiful personalized collections of global art, which will be visible throughout the site. The curation tool allows you to group products into themes and tell visual stories that will inspire shoppers to purchase - which in turn will help UNICEF save and protect children around the world.

What is a collection?

A collection is an assortment of products and mood images that have been curated together - either because they are items that complement one another, or follow a theme or story.

What is a collections gallery?

Your collections gallery is the home of all of your collections. Each collection you create shows up in your collections gallery. It's a way to showcase all of your work in one place.

How do I start a collection?

Creating your first collection is easy! Just go to your private member page and hit the orange 'start a collection' button.

How do I add a product to a collection?

Whenever you see a product on the website, look for the curate icon: Clicking this will start the curation process. In some cases, the curate icon will appear when you hover your mouse over the product image.

Where will people see my collections?

Collections will be visible at the bottom of most pages on the website, on the main homepage, and on the curation home page. If you have created a collection that focuses on jewelry, we display it at the bottom of jewelry category pages. This will give jewelry shoppers a different way to shop, and will mean your collections have a greater chance of impacting more children. We will also feature collections that catch our eye in emails to our subscribers, and on social media.

How do I see other people's collections?

The best place to gain inspiration from other curators is by visiting the curation homepage, or by searching certain keywords using the search tool.

Where can I see all my collections in one place?

Although you can manage your first few collections from your private member page - if you become a serious curator with dozens of collections, the best way to view them all in one place is in your Collections Gallery. You can access your collections gallery from your account area, or the main navigation within curation pages.

How do I hide a collection?

When you are editing a collection, there is a switch located underneath the main collection description. From here you can control the visibility of your collection.

Why can't I hide more than 2 collections?

We have given curators the option to hide a collection so they can work on it in private before revealing it to the world. A hidden collection is like a beautiful butterfly trapped in a jam jar. We don't encourage you to hide anything, because if no one can see it there will be no impact.

How is a collection different from a wishlist?

Collections are more of a creative expression - and a way to inspire others to shop and impact children around the world. Your wishlist is a great place to keep your private shopping list, or even make a birthday list to share for a loved one.

Collection Design

What is the mood library?

The mood library contains over 2,000 stock images that can be added to any collection. Mood images are a great way to add atmosphere, colors and depth to your collections.

How do I add mood images to a collection?

You can access the mood library from within any of your collections, or from the dropdown navigation within the curation area of the website.

How do I arrange the image layout in a collection?

Once you have several products or mood images in a collection, you can arrange their position by simply dragging them around with your mouse.

How do I set the cover image on a collection?

By default, the first item you add to a collection becomes the cover image. If you want to choose a different image for the cover, hover your mouse over your preferred image and a row of icons will appear. Click the icon shaped like an artist easel and that will set the picture to be the main cover picture of your collection.

What are my cropping options for images?

During the process of curating a product or mood image into a collection you are given several image cropping options. You have 4 image shapes to play with - this allows you to create a beautiful patchwork effect to your collections, making them more visually interesting. The creative possibilities are endless!

What is 'cropping'?

Cropping is the act of reshaping an image - mainly for aesthetic reasons.

How do I add a caption to an image?

You are given the option to add a caption to the images you curate at the point of curating them. If you decide you want to add or edit a caption later, just hover your mouse over the image in your collection and click the pen shaped icon to add a caption to an image. Captions are great for adding another layer of content if you are telling a visual story... or just simply want to express how much you love an item.

Can I delete my collections?

You do have the option to delete a collection... but if it's showing an impact score, then we highly recommend keeping it and / or improving upon it. If you want to go ahead and delete a collection, use the trash can icon located within your collection title box.

Community & Promotion

How do I 'like' a collection?

Press the heart shaped icon at the top of every collection you like - it will then appear in your favorites view in your main profile.

How do I 'follow' a curator?

You can follow a curator from their main collections gallery page, or from the 'About the Curator' section at the bottom of every collection.

Why should I like or follow?

Aside from giving people encouragement in their creative endeavors, liking a collection is a great way to send good collections to the top of the pile. The more likes a collection gets, the more frequently it will show up around the website. Liking a collection is also a good way to keep track of collections you'd like to return to for inspiration. All your liked collections are stored in the favorites area of your member page.

The same is true of when you follow a curator, that curator will show up in your favorites so you can always find them.

How do I tag a collection with keywords?

At the bottom of every collection there is a tag entry field, where you can enter as many different descriptive keyword tags as you want.

Why should I tag my collections?

Tagging a collection with keywords helps your collections show up in search results when people use the search fields within the curation pages. More visibility for your collections means more impact - so tagging is always a worthwhile pursuit.

How do I share a collection?

At the top of every collection is a share button. This gives you the option to copy a special URL, which can be emailed to friends, posted on facebook added to a blog or tweeted. There are also inbuilt facebook and twitter share options for a quick easy share experience.

How can people purchase from my collections?

When viewing your collections, shoppers can click on items they want to purchase, and be taken straight to that product page. From there, they can add it to their cart and proceed to checkout in the normal way.

Curation Impact

What is impact?

Every time you make a purchase or create a collection that other people purchase from - you are making an impact. The impact of a purchase is measured by the number of children that can be helped by UNICEF using the proceeds from that purchase.

How can I make an impact through building collections?

When you build a collection that inspires people to make a purchase - you are making an impact. The more purchases your collections inspire, the more your impact will be.

Where can I see the impact for each collection I make?

The impact achieved by every collection is displayed at the top of every collection. If a collection has no impact then it will show nothing.

How can I see my total impact for all my collections?

Your total impact through collections made is displayed in your gallery and is referred to as your 'Collections Gallery Impact'.

What's the difference between 'collections gallery impact' & 'member impact'?

Your 'Collections Gallery Impact' is the total impact achieved from creating collections. Your 'Member Impact' is the total impact achieved from your personal purchases on UNICEF Market, PLUS your total Collections Gallery Impact.

How can I see the impact of other curators?

When you are browsing the main site or within the curation pages, hover your mouse over the collection thumbnail and the impact figure for that collection will be displayed. If you are already viewing someone else's collection, the impact figures show near the top (just the same as in your own collections).

How do I increase my impact?

There are many ways to increase your impact - here are just a few:

  1. Create lots of collections
  2. Make your collections visually appealing
  3. Tag your collections with keywords so they can be found by our search tool
  4. Add descriptions to all your collections so they can be found by google
  5. Design your collections so they appeal to shoppers
  6. Center your collections around a specific product category
  7. Create collections full of items that you think your friends would like
  8. Share your collections on facebook (especially around the holidays)
  9. Encourage others to make their own collections
  10. Purchase holiday gifts from UNICEF Market every year and spread the word!


Why can't I see my collections in the public areas of the site?

There are several reasons why your collections might not appear live in the public areas of the website.

  1. You may have your collection set to 'hidden'.
  2. You added your collection in the last 24 hours. (Collections take 24 hours to show up in the public areas of the website.)
Why do I have no impact figures?

If you yourself have made no purchases with UNICEF Market, or if no one has made a purchase as a result of seeing your collections, then your member page will not show any impact figures. Try tagging your collections with relevant keywords so they can be found... or try adding more products to each of your collections.

Why can't I add captions to some mood images?

The images from UNICEF's private library cannot be assigned captions as these images are currently displaying photographer credit information.

Why are my image cropping options sometimes restricted?

In order to preserve image quality, we restrict the size of an image's cropping area. Some product images are larger than others, so you will encounter variations in cropping size allowed.

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