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"The sea is one of my favorite themes. Colors and forms fascinate me...."

"I am the daughter of French parents born in Lisbon in 1939. We moved to Brazil when I was a little girl, and when I was... ten years old I attended Augusto Rodrigues' art school – thus began my great passion for the fine arts.

"I took classes at the Institute of Fine Arts, where I was a student of Orézio Belém and Aurélio Bittencourt, studying watercolor techniques. I am a lawyer and a professor and for many years I was dedicated to these professions, leaving painting as a pleasurable hobby. I took up painting again in the 1980s at Maria do Carmo Ferreira's studio, and later, master artist Bernardii encouraged me to develop an expressionist technique, with superimposed a gesticulative imagery over free stains of color.

"I tend to diversify my art within the figurative. I represent that which is close to my heart – sometimes the beach, other times Parisian scenes. I lived for a time in Cabo Frio, which is set on the beach, and it has been of great influence to me when I paint open scenery and free space. The sea is one of my favorite themes. Colors and forms fascinate me and I tend to abandon traditional methods for applying paint. That is, I'll also use I use my fingers and hands, washes or a mixed media to express my artistic instinct, allowing it to flow and trying to bring beauty through the interplay of colors.

"I have shown my works widely in private art exhibitions. Some of my paintings form part of private collections both in Brazil and abroad including New York, Paris, and Norway."
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