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Kamo Galstyan

Kamo Galstyan

We strive to continue creating art that features the beauty of nature and unique craftsmanship.

"My name is Kamo Galstyan and I am the founder of Glasswood, a brand born out of my passion for nature and art. After my... military service, I spent years working as a bartender in various countries. But a desire for something more drove me to start my own business. Drawing closer to nature, I began crafting jewelry from wood and resin, a journey that started five years ago in 2018. Rings, earrings, and bracelets emerged as a combination of wood and epoxy, and that's when my artform was born.

"I assembled a small but dedicated team and bought the necessary equipment to bring my artistic vision to life. For five years now, we have delighted customers with our unique jewelry, blending apricot, walnut, coke, wenge, paduk, zebrano, ormazaia, and more with high-quality European fair-trade epoxy. As demand grew, so did our collection, leading us to make other accessories like watches, pens, and combs, all bearing our distinctive touch of wood combined with resins.

"In 2019, I created a new series, featuring rings crafted from a fusion of woods and silver. Committed to honing our skills, we regularly engage in seminars and training to elevate our craft. Our work environment is filled with love and passion, often accompanied by music as we dance our way through creating our pieces.

"I believe that the key to our success lies in our devotion to our craft and our clients. Each creation is an expression of the team. We strive to continue creating art that features the beauty of nature and unique craftsmanship."
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