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Nurmukhammad Valiyev

Nurmukhammad Valiyev

"Almost all my dreams have come true, and I've achieved this because of my silk."

"I am the 4th generation in a family of artisans. I learned this profession from my father when I was ten years old. I... have always had an interest in this work. In the year I was born, due to the ban on silk production, my father stopped although this was his favorite work. After we gained independence, this ban was lifted and my father and I started working in silk batik.

"My father's mother had a very big garden with a lot of mulberry trees. There he reared cocoons and made silk fabric. At a time when our ancestors were advancing in the technology of silk cultivation, silk cultivation was banned. Although it was forbidden, I always found people who worked with my father, talked to them and learned the technology of silk processing. Currently, we buy silk from local markets to make our scarves and accessories. In the near future, we will start growing silk ourselves. Today, there are also modern methods of silk processing. But we want to continue with both the modern and traditional processing techniques.

"I have five children and all of them work in silk ikat. They are even more talented than I am. Currently, we pay attention to the design and quality of our work. We have combined ancient and modern patterns and this is what sets our work apart from that of others.

"Almost all my dreams have come true, and I've achieved this because of my silk. Thanks to this, I have made friends with many people. I exported my designs to the world market. Currently, there is a great demand for our products in the domestic market. In order to achieve something, a person must love his profession. Because without this love, he will not achieve any results!"
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