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Shawn Martin

Shawn Martin

"I feel that the arts and crafts of my country are dying. I wish to revive the dying art of my country through my designs."

“I am Shawn Martin from the capital city of India, Delhi. I am a simple, honest and fun-loving person. I did my... post-graduation work in fine arts. After completing my studies, I was keen to do something creative and of my own. But the path was unknown to me. One fine day, I visited one of my dad’s friends, who is in the jewelry business. I was awestruck by the beauty of the designs of the jewelry that I beheld. I was so inspired that I decided to start designing jewelry. I was very inquisitive to know how this beautiful jewelry was made and I also wanted to learn the techniques of jewelry making. I used to make frequent visits to my uncle’s workshop and spend hours there to see and learn the techniques of making jewelry by his artisans.

“With my father’s financial support and help, I have now set up my own workplace where I work with three other skilled artisans. Since I am new in this field, I mainly do the designing while they do the crafting, but at times I assist them in the crafting process. I am still trying to learn the intricacies of the crafting techniques. My father helps me by taking care of the finances and logistics.

“During my post graduation, I visited many antique jewelry museums which remain my inspiration. I have also attended numerous workshops and exhibitions, which help me a lot in my field of jewelry design. I feel that the arts and crafts of my country are dying. I wish to revive the dying art of my country through my designs.

“I started mostly with natural rocks and wood. Gradually I moved up to semi-precious gemstones. My dream is to design quality jewelry, both traditional and modern. I try to keep abreast of the requirements of my customers, providing them quality products along with unique designs. The happiness and satisfaction of my customers is my ultimate achievement.

“I feel so elated to be able to provide work and financial stability to the three artisans who work with me. I encourage them to provide education to their children. Though perhaps at a small scale, I feel that if I am able to bring smile to their faces, it is my contribution to society.

“I hope to launch an art gallery for various skills, especially jewelry making techniques, in the future. I am truly grateful to you for providing a platform for me to show my designs to the whole world. I hope you appreciate my designs and work.”
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