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Milton Rios

Milton Rios

"This technique requires a lot of patience, practice, perseverance, desire, and passion, which are qualities I apply to this day."

"My name is Milton Nolverto Rios Patricio. I was born in 1982 in Lima. The summers are short, crisp, arid, and partially... cloudy, while the winters are cold, dry, and cloudy.

"I'm a man who is always finding with new ideas to create something that I haven't made before. I share my knowledge without egotism because feedback is very important to me.

"Since having children, I have become a different man. I dedicate my life to my children and my family. If I could turn back time, l'd return to that moment when I first had my children.

"I never thought that I would create glass sculpture. Little animal sculptures always caught my attention. I imagined a thousand things, which intrigued me, until one day I saw my brother making a sculpture. I was very surprised. From then on I never stopped practicing and perfecting my art, bringing it to levels that I didn’t even think I could achieve.

"I have gone through some very difficult times with my wife, two small children, and one newborn. I had no idea how to give them everything they needed. I found some independent work. I started from scratch, knocking on doors, looking for any type of opportunities and jobs to promote my glass art.

"I'm a very creative and curious man, and I'm always thinking of all the sculptures that I could make using my techniques. I am self-taught and, with the help of technology, I can navigate and learn from many sources around the world.

"This technique requires a lot of patience, practice, perseverance, desire, and passion, which are qualities I apply to this day. Sometimes, the results are very frustrating but, when the results are optimal, it is very beautiful and compensates for all of the struggle.

"What I love the most about my art is the infinity of images I can make. This constantly results in new challenges, so that I never fall into a routine. My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me, including the most important things in the universe — my three small children. They are my strength and my drive; they inspire my career and make me the man that I am. They fill me with energy and strength to get up every morning and work on my craft.

"Beginning to work on my own was crazy, especially since I had three small children that totally depended on me but, with strength and desire, we were able to get ahead little by little. I am very grateful for very important window to promote my art.

"My plans for the future are, without a doubt, to continue spreading and promoting my art that I love so much, showing my small children that they can do anything they want in life, and that they also have to follow their dreams and grab hold of them. I have faith in seeing them grow up happy so that they can achieve their dreams."
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