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"My designs are simple with traditional Balinese characteristics, allowing my pieces to appeal to various generations.”

“I was born in Bali in 1995. I was born and raised in a neighborhood filled with craftsmen and silver sellers. At first... I just liked to look at jewelry in my parents' gallery, but over time I became interested in this work and wanted to design my own pieces. When I was 13 years old, my parents invited me to join them in selling at a jewelry exhibition in Jakarta. From that moment on I fell more and more in love with this craft.

“Whatever people say and do, whether good or bad, I won't let it bother me and will still do the best I can to achieve my goals. According to my friends, I am optimistic and patient, and in my opinion, I always try to see the positive side in times of trouble. I don't like to let a problem drag on, quickly finding a way to solve it.

“My grandfather and grandmother became silversmiths in 1980, and they passed their skills on to my parents. At first, they only had one small gallery, but over time they were finally able to open a second gallery.

“My pieces are all handmade with a unique Balinese design. My designs can be divided into three themes: simple, yet beautiful; animals; and traditional. I choose simple designs because I want my work to be appreciated by many generations. I choose animals because I really like animals. The strong culture of Bali inspires my traditional themes.

“Not only do I design my own jewelry, but I also teach other artisans how to make beautiful jewelry. I work with 10 silversmiths. I always encourage them to make new and up-to-date designs so that their skills are well-developed.

“I dream that one day I can be as creative, intelligent, and kind as my mother. She can do business and take care of the family all at the same time. I also hope that I can continue innovating in my craft, giving my work its own characteristics and uniqueness.

“Like most people, I have experienced difficult times in my life, such as when I was trying to finish my thesis. I was really confused about what to write, since I was not confident in my abilities. Finally, I decided to just do it and see what happened later. Finally, I graduated, which made me realize that if we only think about action, we will be preoccupied with failure. But, if we just do it, there are only two possibilities: failure or success.

“For me, silver is an entrepreneurial activity based on the creativity of craftsmen. Silver handicrafts can be transformed into precious items, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other ornaments. The silversmithing businesses can help the community develop skills that can influence the level of income and employment. By joining Novica, I hope I can present my jewelry collection to people abroad. I would like customers to know that my designs are fresh and unique. My designs are simple with traditional Balinese characteristics, allowing my pieces to appeal to various generations.”
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