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Cida Matos

Cida Matos

"My dream is to see my creations appreciated beyond the borders of Brazil."

"I was born in Belem in 1963. From the time I was a child, I found art fascinating and my favorite subject at school was... art education. Today I feel fulfilled with my creative jewelry, which has become my source of income.

"My inspiration comes from God, the beauty of women, and Mother Nature.

"To refine this craft that I chose for my life, I constantly attend workshops, lectures and artisan encounters. I feel this helps a lot. I realize that one mustn't be afraid to try again, to do something over when it's necessary to achieve the desired goal. Our priorities are quality and beauty.

"I create the designs for the pieces I craft myself but also I look for partnership in the execution of my designs. I'm always seeking highly qualified artisans who care about top quality and perfection in finishes, like I do.

"Among my materials, ceramic is almost always present. I create the beads and elements myself from clay and complement them with cotton cords, homemade resin, paints, wood, and more.

"Setting up my small workshop was a big challenge in terms of costs, but I was able to rely on the precious support of my family. My husband is very helpful in many areas. As he himself says, he is the driver, the buyer of materials and the deliveryman of our orders.

"Today, my dream is to see my creations appreciated beyond the borders of Brazil."
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