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NextGen Collection

This special collection has been curated by members of UNICEF's Next Generation (NextGen). NextGen is a group of young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEF's lifesaving work. Through their activities, members mobilize their networks and inspire their generations to take action on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children.

174 items

Gold plated filigree flower earrings, 'Yellow Rose' - Gold Plated Hanging Floral Earrings

Golden Mums

Gold Plated Hanging Floral Earrings

(Giuliana Valz-Gen)
$87.99 $79.19

Cotton dress, 'Ginger Blossom' - Floral Patterned Knee Length Dress

Ginger Blossom

Floral Patterned Knee Length Dress

(Hari and Arthur)
$74.99 $67.49

Bone flower ring, 'Seruni White' - Bone flower ring

Seruni White

Bone flower ring

(Rosalia Tarigan)

Cotton batik yoga mat bag, 'Banana Blossom' - Handcrafted Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

Traveling Yoga

Handcrafted Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

(Wahyu Sulistiani)
$39.99 $35.99

Cotton rug, 'Blue Ziggurat' (4x6) - Woven Cotton Accent Rug

Geometric Sky

Woven Cotton Accent Rug

5.0 (Mahmood)
$129.99 $116.99

Marble chess set, 'Glorious Battle' (medium) - Mexican Marble Chess Set

Glorious Battle

Mexican Marble Chess Set

(Sierra Family)
$64.99 $58.49

Silk batik fan,'Golden Vines' - Indonesian Silk Fan

Midnight Garden

Indonesian Silk Fan

(Melati's Collection)

Cotton shoulder bag, 'Rajasthan Rapture' - Women's Handcrafted Shoulder Bag

Crimson Rapture

Women's Handcrafted Shoulder Bag

(UMBVS Desert Weavers of India)

Silk batik fan, 'Black Bali Glory' - Silk batik fan

Black Bali Glory

Silk batik fan

(Melati's Collection)

Men's sterling silver ring, 'Trust the Moon' - Men's Sterling Silver Band Ring

Trust the Moon

Men's Sterling Silver Band Ring

(Wadarat Supasirisuk)

Why NextGen UNICEF Market

"There are so many beautiful and truly unique items - from robes, to jewlery to homeware and more! Plus, each item you purchase SAVES and IMPROVES kids' lives - and the site says what that purchase can actually help UNICEF do - i.e. vaccinate 5 children!

As if that wasn't enough... each purchase supports an artisan and the site even includes an actual profile of the artist - so you can get to 'know' him/her and see what other items are available from the same person. It's a triple win - 1.) saving kids 2.) supporting global artisans, 3.) getting an awesome item that I love. I did all of my holiday shopping on this site - and they were a big hit!"

Casey Rotter,

Director & Founder of UNICEF's Next Generation

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