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Peridot Birthstone Sterling Silver Balinese Multi-Stone Jewelry for Women

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Multi-gemstone cocktail ring, 'Splendid Bamboo' - Balinese Multi-gemstone Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

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Splendid Bamboo

Balinese Multi-gemstone Sterling Silver...

(Kadek Hendra)
$77.99 $70.19

Multi-gemstone cocktail ring, 'Color Bubbles' - Multi-gemstone Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring from Bali

Guaranteed Delivery

Color Bubbles

Multi-gemstone Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring...

(Komang Wijayana)
$47.99 $43.19

Cultured pearl and peridot cocktail ring, 'Orbits' - Sterling Silver Handcrafted Peridot and Pearl Cluster Ring

Guaranteed Delivery

Four Leaf Clover

Sterling Silver Handcrafted Peridot and...

(Wayan Asmana)

Multi-gemstone cocktail ring, 'Turtle in Paradise' - Artisan Crafted Balinese Turtle Theme Ring with Gemstones

Guaranteed Delivery

Turtle in Paradise

Artisan Crafted Balinese Turtle Theme...

(Kadek Hendra)
$89.99 $80.99
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