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Yellow Carnelian Dangle Jewelry for Women

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Tiger's eye and carnelian cluster earrings, 'Thai Autumn' - Thai Multigem Beaded Sterling Silver Cluster Earrings

Guaranteed Delivery

Gypsy Crystals

Thai Multigem Beaded Sterling Silver...

5.0 (Nareerat)

Garnet and carnelian cluster earrings, 'Sweet Tropics' - Handmade Garnet Carnelian Citrine Cluster Earrings

Guaranteed Delivery

Sweet Tropics

Handmade Garnet Carnelian Citrine Cluster...

5.0 (Nareerat)

Multi-gemstone dangle earrings, 'Chakra Balance' - Seven-Gemstone Dangle Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

Guaranteed Delivery

Chakra Balance

Seven-Gemstone Dangle Earrings in 925...

4.9 (Alok Jain)

Multi-gemstone chakra earrings 'Blossoming Energy' - Multi Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings Chakra Jewelry

Guaranteed Delivery

Blossoming Energy

Multi Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings...

4.9 (Alok Jain)

Cultured pearl and carnelian dangle earrings, 'Nosegay' - Hand Made Pearl and Carnelian Dangle Earrings

Guaranteed Delivery


Hand Made Pearl and Carnelian Dangle Earrings

4.9 (Sasina)

Carnelian and citrine dangle earrings, 'Balinese Swan' - Fair Trade  Silver Swan Earrings with Carnelian and Citrine

Guaranteed Delivery

Crimson Swan

Fair Trade Silver Swan Earrings with...

4.9 (Buana)
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