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Sterling Silver Indian Cuff Bracelets

83 items

Lapis lazuli cuff bracelet, 'Summer Sea' - Lapis lazuli cuff bracelet

Summer Sea

Lapis lazuli cuff bracelet

4.9 (Neeru Goel)
$214.99 $193.49

Garnet cuff bracelet, 'Shining Mesh' - Garnet Cuff Bracelet from India

Shining Mesh

Garnet Cuff Bracelet from India

4.9 (Alok Jain)
$119.99 $107.99

Chalcedony cuff bracelet, 'Clear Sky' - Chalcedony cuff bracelet

Clear Sky

Chalcedony cuff bracelet

4.9 (Shanker)
$129.99 $116.99

Chalcedony cuff bracelet, 'Delightful' - Chalcedony cuff bracelet


Chalcedony cuff bracelet

4.9 (Neeru Goel)
$94.99 $85.49

Rainbow moonstone cuff bracelet, 'Delightful' - Rainbow Moonstone cuff bracelet


Rainbow Moonstone cuff bracelet

4.9 (Neeru Goel)
$99.99 $89.99
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