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UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, lifesaving items children living in crisis need to survive and thrive. Send a gift to make a difference for children in need everywhere.

Inspired Gifts are real, lifesaving items that are essential for child survival and development. UNICEF operates the world's largest humanitarian warehouse and is a leader in providing vital supplies to the world's most vulnerable children. When you buy an Inspired Gift, you are helping to fund UNICEF's wide-ranging work in over 190 countries. You may also dedicate your Inspired Gift to a friend or loved one with one of our beautiful e-greetings. Thank you for trusting us to use your gift where it is needed most.

1. Find a Gift

Search for lifesaving gifts. Each charity gift helps children in need around the world.

2. Dedicate It

Personalize your humanitarian gift for a loved one with a custom e-greeting or print-at-home card.

3. UNICEF Delivers

UNICEF sends the card to your loved one and the charity gift to the children who need it the most.

Personalize your Inspired Gift with an e-greeting or print-at-home card. Choose from a collection of unique card designs then add your own message to make your gift for a cause even more meaningful.

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