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"We took many courses and attended many art fairs… to create quality jewelry."

Mozeleski's career as a jewelry designer began when he took a job in a jewelry workshop. During his seven years there,... he learned all of the steps in jewelry crafting and in creating stamped textures, a handcrafting technique.

"The first years working on my own were the most difficult, because my workshop lacked the structure and the financial means necessary. But at no time did we stop trying to improve our processes and the quality of our work. This brought us the results we expected and, today, my project is solid and well-structured.

"We needed dedication and creativity. We took many courses and attended many art fairs in search of the knowledge and ability to create quality jewelry, and did our best to develop designs to increase the satisfaction of our shoppers," the artist says.

"It was challenging. It wasn't easy in the beginning. But, with a willingness to develop the techniques to make our work better and better, my team and I continue the search for different methods with the alloys as well as in the designs."

Today Mozeleski adds human values to his craft through the collaboration and support of his family members, and this strengthens family ties as they work together.

His wife, Debora, has experience in administrative management. His brothers-in-law and nephews have experience in other areas that complement the administration, crafting and sale of their jewelry. They are developing techniques in the workshop for melting the metals, stamping the designs and cutting them with lasers and diamond disks.

"Evaluating our shoppers' needs through direct contact by our representatives is how we develop our new collections.

"We work exclusively in 10 and 18 karat gold, or 24 karat gold, adding other metals such as copper, palladium and silver, to achieve the alloys we desire.

"We acquire our materials from metal dealers authorized by the government. The alloys are developed here, in the workshop."
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