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Floral Sterling Silver

Shop to build a better world! UNICEF Market's Floral Sterling Silver Collection helps UNICEF save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Every gift you purchase helps save children's lives.

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Blue topaz and peridot braided bracelet, 'Bamboo Blossoms' - Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Braclet

Guaranteed Delivery

Mosaic Blossoms

Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Braclet

(Kadek Hendra)

Sterling silver chain necklace, 'Petite Floral Garland' - Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Floral Chain Necklace

Guaranteed Delivery

Petite Floral Garland

Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver...

(Gianluca Anzani)

Blue topaz link bracelet, 'Jungle Lagoon' - Handcrafted Blue Topaz Silver Bracelet from Bali

Guaranteed Delivery

Jungle Lagoon

Handcrafted Blue Topaz Silver Bracelet from...

(Kadek Hendra)

Amethyst jewelry set, 'Mauve Blushing Leaves' - Weeping Set of Amethyst and Silver

Guaranteed Delivery

Crying Willow Flowers

Weeping Set of Amethyst and Silver

4.9 (Alok Jain)

Moonstone floral jewelry set, 'Silver Clover' - Moonstone and Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings

Guaranteed Delivery

Silver and Moonstone

Moonstone and Sterling Silver...

4.9 (Alok Jain)

Sterling silver pendant anklet, 'Lucky Blooming' - Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Anklet with Floral Pendant

Guaranteed Delivery

Lucky Blooming

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Anklet with...

4.9 (Jantana)

Jewelry set, 'Silver Clovers' - Jewelry set

Guaranteed Delivery

Silver Clovers

Jewelry set

(Juan Contreras)
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