4 Gifts that Can Save the Planet

If you’ve ever taken a look at some of the pictures coming out of impoverished, third-world countries, you’ve possibly experienced an altruistic inner drive to do something positive to help.

From disease to hunger to war, many people around the world are suffering and in need of help. And those in greatest need of all are the children.

Makes you want to do something to help, doesn’t it?

But what, exactly?

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Believe it or not, there’s a way you can contribute to dealing with the problems of hunger and poverty that plague the world right from your living room.

You can buy a gift a give back, and saves the planet.

Hold on one second you’re probably asking. A gift that saves the planet?

It’s easy to understand that a gift can make someone else’s day. A well-selected gift shows thoughtfulness, care, and appreciation of the person you’re giving it to.

But saving the planet?

Well, by shopping for gifts in the UNICEF Market shopping catalog, you can literally buy a gift that goes a long way toward ending world poverty and suffering.

That’s right…some of the gifts are actually items that will be send to people in need, such as mosquito nets to protect children from malaria, vaccines, water pumps, tents, and food.

Your gift can be personalized with a printable card or e-greeting that is sent to the person on whose behalf you’re donating this gift. UNICEF Market will then deliver the gift to some happy beneficiaries.

It’s an incredibly meaningful gift that changes the world, and makes it a better place.

With Every Purchase…Your Gift Still Helps

Every purchase will go towards contributing a helpful dose of humanitarian aid to people in need, from nutritional packs to life-saving vaccines.

Of course, you’ll also have an awesome gift to send to someone else, a handmade item created by expert craftspeople and artists from around the world.

Take a look at these 4 gifts that can help save the planet, no matter what your price range is. Whether you have less than $25 or can spend over $200, you can find a planet-saving gift in this list.

Gifts That Can Help Save the Planet:

What woman doesn’t love peacocks? This turquoise jewelry roll is the perfect place to store necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. The background of turquoise-colored silk is adorned with beadwork in the shape of a peacock feather.

Opening the bag, you’ll find three zippered pockets to hold the precious baubles of femininity and a padded strip to hold rings. Hand-made in India, the Peacock Theme Turquoise Embroidered Silk Jewelry Roll for $19.95 does more than provide a convenient, easy-to-carry home for your accessories and adornments: it also helps 24 children get vaccinated against polio.

These six beautiful birds, hailing from their nest in El Salvador, will form the perfect mobile or set of ornaments for your tree during holiday season. The brilliant colorful plumage of their pinewood bodies makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs a splash of color in their life.

The Fantastic Flight Handcrafted Bird Ornaments from Central America for $45.49 is hand made and presented by God’s Seed Cooperative of Central America, founded in 1976 to teach painting and carpentry. Best of all, your purchase will pay for 125 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which will help children fight dehydration and diarrhea – which definitely qualifies as a gift for saving the planet.

There’s no rule that you can’t enjoy and relax from a gift that saves the planet, starting with our Afternoon Dreams Natural Cotton Rope Hammock for $141.49. This cotton crochet and knot-work hammock is hand-made by artists from the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the ancient Maya. It can support up to 300 lbs and easily travels. Best of all, each purchase will provide help out 79 children children suffering from malnutrition with lifesaving nutrient packets.

This last planet-saving gift is not one you would give to the recipient directly, but rather donate in their name. It’s a kit of puzzles, games, puppets, and other hands-on activities that promotes education and normalcy for shell-shocked children in war-torn and disaster areas. You can give a life-saving gesture in a box with The Early Childhood Development Kit for $225.

This kit is the perfect way for children to enter into a protective environment of mental and emotional development that leads to good health—physically, emotionally, and socially.

UNICEF is at the front-lines fighting against diseases such as meningitis and other serious diseases affecting vulnerable children worldwide. Buying a gift from UNICEF will help protect the planet and its children as well.

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