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Victor Dushie

Victor Dushie

5.0 (artist rating)

“I grew up in a community of woodcarvers and designers, which naturally made me interested in it.”

"My name is Victor Dushie and I was born in Accra. I grew up in a community of wood carvers and designers, which... naturally made me interested in this art. I learned from Sasu Kanu, who worked closely with me, teaching by example and helping me practice sanding my creations.

"During this time, I learned to master the craft after a lot of practical experience. I find that sanding down the wood has been the main challenge of this art. After completing my training, I also taught two others who actively use their skills.

"My creations are made from sese wood, which is readily available in my local markets. I am inspired by the Bible as well as other artists. My favorite part about this craft is designing.

"My family works alongside me, helping me sand down my creations before I put the finishing touches on them."
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