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Fabio Rizzo

"I believe that in some way I bring some happiness to the people who like my designs."

"I've been looking for a way of life ever since I was young. I've been through some hard times, including during my... travels through Latin America. But I was able to return safely back home by selling the jewelry I crafted with beads, ceramic and alpaca.

"One of my dreams for the future is to live in the countryside with the person I love, planting and eating my own products, keep animals and, in some way contribute to bring peace to the world.

"Designing jewelry makes me feel alive! I was born in Italy and when I was traveling I found in Mexico the perfect place to get started, especially in Taxco. Here I studied at the School of Fine Arts as well as with a renowned master. I worked very hard to learn this craft, which I consider it to be an art form without end.

"I work mainly with silver. What I find to be truly challenging is the creation of a design and then transform it into a piece of jewelry that everyone will like. Sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate and focus. Starting on my own was very challenging too. I worked very hard for very long periods of time and losing sleep.

"I find inspiration in nature, in ethnicity and in my thoughts.

"I source my materials from my community. I purchase here the silver, gems and tools that I need. I believe that in some way I bring some happiness to the people who like my designs.

"I enjoy working with people who collaborate, find a way to interpret my designs and above all, who are passionate about what they do."

Fabio signs with his full name's initials FMR, Fabio Marcello Rizzo.
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