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Ngurah Gede

Ngurah Gede

5.0 (artist rating)

"I like to create unique and special designs that reflect the inner mythology of the Balinese culture, which can be adapted to modern designs… I'm constantly innovating!"

"Those who know me say I'm a focused, artistic and creative person with high principles. I do strive to always be fair... and honest. I was born in 1967 in Bali and, although I graduated from the School of Agriculture at the University of Udayana, I'm a master silversmith. It all started after I helped a classmate who had a silver workshop where he did some stunning artwork. I began to realize I had the ability and skills necessary for designing jewelry.

"I started in this field from scratch and at first, it was difficult, but now I'm proud to have persisted and to have 'climbed the learning curve.' It was a great struggle in my life and it is my proudest achievement, besides being a good husband and father of three children. Children make you very aware of the cycles and continuity of life. They also teach you humility and nurture great love, the two great values of life. I devote my time mostly to my family, and the rest to the spiritual communities.

"I'm a self-taught silversmith. I started to craft my own products in 1995 by learning on the job and through persistence, patience, and always listening to the advice of others who are experienced. I once was confused by what some of my foreign customers were asking — things often get lost in translation! Looking back, it seems very funny but, truth is, these situations have always been solved through humor and our goodwill.

"I craft high-quality jewelry, focus on quality and treat the people who work with me with great respect and excellent rewards. I feel really glad when I see shoppers happy with my jewelry because I can tell they're appreciative of Balinese silver art.

"Working with silver, gold and gemstone materials can be difficult given the required precision. I often do trials and make errors when trying out new designs. We have a fully equipped workshop so sometimes we make special tools, though mostly they are hardened steel and precision instruments. We are highly conscious of our water and power consumption, so we are always seeking efficient and preventive ways of using our resources. We are always careful with the purification system and prevent contaminating the environment.

"I only need a pencil and a paper when I'm creating new designs, focusing on creating jewelry pieces that are really different from those of other designers.

"Bali is an ancient culture filled with great beauty, music, magic and mystery. The Balinese culture is full of spiritual, mystical ceremonies and activities that also provide great serenity and inspiration. I like to create unique and special designs that reflect stories of the Balinese culture, which can be adapted to modern designs… I'm constantly innovating!

"I look forward to seeing my jewelry designs sold all over the world."
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