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Laura Leticia Burrion

Laura Leticia Burrion

"We are now a large group of enthusiastic women who work hard and have big dreams of success."

"I began to work at a relatively young age to help with the family's finances, for dad had passed away and mom did all... that she could to bring us up. I worked at a big handicrafts company, where I became impassioned about Guatemala's traditional arts. I became especially interested in traditional textiles and I began to churn the idea of a project involving hand-woven fabrics and the women from my community. I really got excited about it because I knew it would benefit all those involved, so I start to look for help to get my project started.

"I come from Jocotenango, and my four siblings and I grew up surrounded by natural landscapes and beautiful Colonial architecture, kind people and vibrant colors. From being a homemaker, mom had to take all sorts of jobs to provide for us after dad passed away. We are very grateful to all her efforts and hard work.

"Patty Carpenter, a designer, helped me to create an exclusive line of textiles and the different items we could craft with them. The first things we made were cosmetic bags and pencil cases, and when we started selling them the feedback we got from clients was so encouraging that we started designing the things they suggested. Soon we had an extensive line of products.

"Once we had the designs, my task was to invite more women to join my project. We are now a large group of enthusiastic women who work hard and have big dreams of success. As time has gone by I have learned more about designing, about combining colors, and about what clients like.

"I really enjoy what I do, and I'm involved in every step of the process, from designing, to weaving, to adding the last zipper and the finishing touches. What I like the most is incorporating the artistic details of my country and knowing that the piece will be worn by someone who appreciates the work involved.

"I consider myself lucky to be able to work hand-in-hand with the women in this team. It is satisfying to know that each finished piece represents more food on the table, a new pair of shoes or a school book. That is why we extend our thanks to Novica for promoting our work through their site, and our thanks also go to the customers who appreciate our work."
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