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K. Baka

K. Baka

5.0 (artist rating)

"For my paintings, many a time I see them in dreams and visions before I actually paint them. So in the morning I organize my materials and start painting."

Latest Update"Since working with you, the years have been full of good opportunities."Aside from seeing a change in my... Latest Update

"Since working with you, the years have been full of good opportunities.

"Aside from seeing a change in my sales, I have also seen a change in the way I do things and in my level of creativity. I have made a lot of progress in the way I work, and have achieved a lot of success in terms of making my dreams and visions come true. I used to face challenges like expanding my works and sales but, thanks to you, those challenges have been reduced drastically.

"I don't work in the same place anymore. I used to have a wooden shop but now have moved to a nice rented gallery. I have been able to expand in scale, in terms of my sales and personal finances. Currently, I still train others.

"You have improved both my life and that of my family. There was a time that I was in the hospital and, just as I was thinking of how to pay the rest of the bills, I had a call that a cheque was ready for me — wow! In fact, I became so excited that I even forgot about being ill for a moment. By the grace of God, that saved the day. I am and will always be grateful to you."

Original Artisan Story

Artist K. Baka has been featured in Red Herring magazine.

"My name is Kwabena Kufuor Afriyie-Addo Jr. (also known as K. Baka). I was born in 1968 in the eastern region of Ghana. My father is Benjamin Kwabena Kufuor Afriyie-Addo and my mother is Nancy Afriyie-Addo.

"When I was a child, I used to draw a lot. I was so interested in art that in school it was the subject I got the highest marks for. Actually, it was a gift — a talent. I later entered art college for a three year diploma in art. After graduation, I established my studio at home. While in school, I was painting and selling so, after school, l I did not need to undergo any brush-up or polishing. I do paintings, craftwork, billboards, screen-printing and signboards. In 1997, I had 20 students to whom I taught painting, batik, and textile making. Also, many art students come to me for brushing up or polishing. Presently I have two apprentices.

"My paintings are natural, and I try to use inexpensive but high-quality material like calico, denim, military camp tents, and heavy curtain cloths. I find they are stronger than canvas. This also makes it possible to reach a larger audience. I use acrylic paint because it dries faster and lasts longer. I use phone cards for the painting instead of brushes because this gives me the effect I want. For my paintings, many a time I see them in dreams and visions before I actually paint them. So in the morning, I organize my materials and start painting.

"I am not a rastafarian. What I am wearing are simply dreadlocks. I am not married but I have a young son."
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