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Ni Wayan Astiti

Ni Wayan Astiti

"My marriage has given us three children. I hope they will have the same passion for jewelry, so it will be a great legacy in our big family."

"Jewelry is about beautiful things. To find inspiration, I look everywhere and at everything in Bali. Transforming... images from our environment and tradition into silver and gold is the nicest step. Patience is the challenging part of making good jewelry.

"I was born into a family of gold artisans in Bali, the fourth of seven children. Our village is known as a center of gold ceremonial jewelry, and all of us learn to craft jewelry from the time we are in school.

"In 2009, my parents were named 'The Master's Hands' for gold and silver jewelry by The Jakarta Post. They always reminded me to learn patiently, work hard and never give up to achieve good jewelry. Even if I made a mistake during my lessons, my mother always supported me and never got angry about my errors.

"I learned to create gold rings, earrings, bracelets and ornaments used for worship by Hindus, who usually place them in the temple and also wear them for special ceremonies.

"Hard work, patience and honesty are an important part of my life. My marriage has given us three children and we teach them this attitude so they will live with honor – right and easy. I hope they'll have the same passion for jewelry, so it will be a great legacy in our big family.

"When I was young girl, my brother had a motorbike and I wanted one – he looked so happy with it! He told me, 'Study hard and work hard!' I didn't at the beginning but, as time went by, I realized he was right, so I got more serious about design and technique. I have to be a good jewelry maker like my parents and my brother, and I will make them proud of me.

"Currently, ten silversmiths collaborate with me. They began learning in 1995 and, at first, they didn't understand the techniques. My husband was one who learned, and now he's in charge of creating samples and applying my design to the craft. This has become part of my happiness in life, making my life worthwhile.

"I hope you like my jewelry and feel its beauty."
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