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"I don't want to be millionaire – just to have a steady job, enough for food and to support my parents. I just want to enjoy eating and to sleep well, for happiness is inside."

"I always created jewelry for my friends' birthdays and they all look forward to receiving something original. Everyone... liked them so much, I began to offer my designs for sale.

"Although I majored in business administration and management, I'm a sensitive girl. I love my freedom and I love art. I enjoy working in the garden where the air is fresh and where I can relax and come up with new ideas for my jewelry. I love to travel, and this helps me get ideas for new designs. Sharing with my friends also helps me think creatively.

"I was born in 1983 in Maesai, Chiangrai, on the border of Thailand and Burma. My father is a gardener. We have a lychee garden near our house and my mother has a small food shop in the market nearby. My only brother is five years older than I am so we are not so close. My mom is a great cook – her cooking is excellent and I loved to eat the dishes she prepares.

"My aunt is in the jewelry business and has much more money than my parents. She has been very kind to me. So that I could study in a good school in Chiang Mai, I moved there to stay with her and she paid for my tuition, for food, for everything! I feel so fortunate! While living with my aunt, I became familiar with jewelry. This inspired me, and now I love to create my own designs.

"Leaving Chiangrai and moving in with my aunt was the biggest change in my life. I experienced the big city, studied in a good school, made great friends and learned all about jewelry. It had made my life so much better, and my parents are happy and proud of me. I want to say thank you to my aunt for her kindness.

"I visit my parents in Chiangrai as often as I can and it's always a good time for me. But I'd like them to come stay with me in Chiang Mai. I need us to stay close as a family, and I want to support my parents. I want them, my aunt and myself to be healthy and stay together forever. This makes me happy.

"In Chiang Mai, my grandmother takes me to the temple on every Buddhist holiday. She taught me Thai culture and tradition, especially the traditions of Thai women. I feel very Thai when compared with friends, and I believe in the King's speech, in having enough in life. I don't want to be millionaire – just have a steady job, enough for food and to support my parents. I just want to enjoy eating and to sleep well, for happiness is inside.

"I'm so grateful and I would like to thank you, the shoppers, for helping me continue in the work I love. I'll keep on creating new jewelry designs for you."
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