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Zayd Makarim

Zayd Makarim

4.9 (artist rating)

"My wife helps me a lot… when I think of something beautiful, I think about her. She means everything to me."

Zayd Makarim was born in West Java on August 2, 1968. From the time he was a child, he liked art. "I did paintings and... sculptures for fun," he recalls. "It started as an assignment for school but, by doing them, I discovered I liked art so much that it became one of my passions."

As an adult, Makarim's job took him to Bali. "I'd always had a dream to come to Bali, and also to travel," he says. "And my dream came true." In Bali he worked for a famous jewelry designer and that's where he learned about silver and design, and began making his own jewelry.

"It all started because of my wife's birthday. I wanted to create a gift for her, so I made a pair of earrings. When they were done, I could not believe my eyes because they were so beautiful... and she loved them!" he confides. "Many of her friends asked if I could make some for them. I started thinking about taking my passion seriously and I decided to create my own jewelry line."

"I like art and find inspiration in everything that surrounds me. I love architecture and I am eager to know and learn more about other nations' culture. In my pieces, I want to express myself as well as what surrounds me.

"My wife helps me a lot. Thanks to her I get really inspired because when I think of something beautiful, I think about her and what would be good for her. She means everything to me."
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