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Tiberio Gonzales

Tiberio Gonzales

“My inspiration comes from the stones themselves. When I hold a gemstone in my hands, I see what that particular stone is best suited for and how to best develop it."

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Chrysocolla jewelry set, 'Mystique' - Chrysocolla jewelry set

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Chrysocolla jewelry set


Opal dangle earrings, 'Pendulum of Time' - Opal dangle earrings

Guaranteed Delivery

Pendulum of Time

Opal dangle earrings


Opal dangle earrings, 'Inca Comets' - Pink Opal dangle earrings

Guaranteed Delivery

Inca Comets

Pink Opal dangle earrings


Serpentine choker, 'Mystical Medallion' - Serpentine choker

Guaranteed Delivery

Mystical Medallion

Serpentine choker



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