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Shubhra Singh

Shubhra Singh

5.0 (artist rating)

"Then one day, I thought to myself why not use my creativity to design jewelry. This idea motivated me..."

Update (May, 2020)"You were one of the first to give me a chance to showcase my work in 2005. Most importantly, you gave... Update (May, 2020)

"You were one of the first to give me a chance to showcase my work in 2005. Most importantly, you gave me the opportunity to reach out to people all over the world. I had just begun designing jewelry and it is a matter of great pride for me to be able to create jewelry that matches up to your quality standards.

"My biggest challenge has been to come up with designs in tune with international tastes. My designs have evolved over the years and I believe them to be better aligned with your aesthetic sensibilities. Another challenge remains in creating high-quality jewelry at a reasonable cost, doing justice to both craftsmen and patrons. I have scaled up my operations considerably over the years as my collections have expanded continuously.

"I started my venture after a short course in silver work. It was more of an adventure than a venture, with every potential of turning into a misadventure. I was a rank outsider in the jewelry field with neither a business background nor any experience in sales and marketing, and also, little capital. But it was such a heady feeling to see my designs translated into actual jewelry pieces that I decided to take a leap of faith.

"I started exhibiting my collections at fairs and events and was pleasantly surprised to receive a number of offers. It has always been a special feeling to see a collection of mine with my name on the pieces on display. Also, as an artist, it has been a very enriching journey. In every collection, I have tried to do something new. Today, I can look back with satisfaction at the jewelry I have created so far, although there is still so much left to explore.

"I added cufflinks to my categories and they were very well appreciated and liked.

"Of all my channels, past and present, my association with Novica remains the most special and longest-standing, and I hope it remains uninterrupted. I express my utmost gratitude to all of you for having patronized me all these years. So many times in the past when the going was rough, I came across a touching customer review that filled me with positivity and gave me the motivation to march on.

"I want each of my designs to become a cherished possession."

Original Artisan Story

"I was born in Bihar. While studying for a BSc in Physics, I also took a three-year diploma course in fine arts. Music and art have always fascinated me and, while growing up, I used to paint a lot and I also enjoyed music. I remember when my aunt gave me an old sitar. I was 20 years old at the time, and I was so excited to own such a priceless piece that I immediately started to learn how to play it. I was very quiet among friends and, most of the time, I spent my time with my brother who also had a common interest in music. He used to enjoy playing violin while I played sitar – we had such fun!

"As I grew up, I decided to do something more substantial for my career. I took up web designing after doing an MBA, then I worked for an IT company for a year. Though this work was interesting, somehow I wasn't satisfied inside. I wanted to do something of my own, free from any ties. Then one day, I thought to myself why not use my creativity to design jewelry. This idea motivated me to take a two-year course in jewelry design.

"I learned the basics of silverwork, like cutting sheets, wiring, melting, stone setting, finishing and polishing – basically all the pre-requisites to be a jeweler. When I mastered the techniques, I needed to start designing so I took a course in enameling called meenakari work. When I finished the course, I started venturing into the competitive market of jewelry. My parents were apprehensive but, when they recognized I had talent, they knew I could make it.

"After a while, the time came for me to set up my workshop properly, under the Sanskrit term Dyuti, meaning 'radiance.' Slowly people began to appreciate my work and, with the kind support of my well-wishers, I was fortunate to participate in quite a few exhibitions sponsored by embassies, or at the residences of foreign dignitaries such as the Canadian High Commissioner or British High Commissioner. I have also participated in one of the most talked about exhibitions, the Delhi Blind Relief Association.

"In just one year, I was able to design five collections. My plans for the future include expanding and you offer me the opportunity of doing so."
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Sterling silver cufflinks, 'Geodesic' - Sterling silver cufflinks


Sterling silver cufflinks

(Shubhra Singh)

Peridot chandelier earrings, 'Starlight' - Fair Trade Peridot Earrings


Fair Trade Peridot Earrings

(Shubhra Singh)

Citrine pendant necklace, 'Lighthouse' - Citrine pendant necklace


Citrine pendant necklace

(Shubhra Singh)


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