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"Most of my patterns display butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and other images that put people and nature back together."

"Dear Customers ~ thank you for all of your support and testimonials. Your trust in my jewelry has made me very proud... and brings me great strength...we've become successful enough to be able to provide employment to an additional five artisans, who now aid us in the elaboration of our designs. These assistants are very thankful to have steady work and a secure income.

"My name is Busarin Hutawarakorn, and I was born on June 30, 1975, the youngest of three sisters. After I graduated from the university, I did some disc jockeying but felt that this job did not reflect who I was and what I wanted. Indeed I wanted to be independent and earn a living from something I love.

"The idea of making jewelry came not only because I love jewelry but also because it goes along so well with women. I initially bought and resold items, but gradually started making them myself. I chose easy patterns and low prices but customers came to me with different needs, asking for better items regardless of the price. Therefore, I started using higher quality materials and designed patterns accordingly.

"My jewelry is skillfully handmade with delicate patterns. I always pay attention to new or different things that might inspire me.

"Although I could draw my inspiration from pop culture, mostly I prefer to help get society more in touch with the natural environment. Most of my patterns display butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and other images that put people and nature back together.

"My mood affects my designs ~ when I'm feeling low, my designs are somewhat dark, and when I'm feeling happy they ate bright and colorful.

"All of our friends are amazed at our success with you. With our extra sales, we have been able to accomplish some wonderful things locally, too, including donating regularly to an orphanage. We are especially glad to help participate in giving needy children a chance to live and grow.

"I am single woman dedicated to my work. However, one day at a party I met an old friend from school. He got my phone number from some friends we have in common, and two days later he called me, when I was at the local NOVICA offices! I had to tell him I was busy, but we spoke later, and our relationship has been growing ever since."
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