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Banlue Lueruang

Banlue Lueruang

"I wanted to be a professor in the university or in high school and repay my obligation to my home."

"My name is Banlue Lueruang. I come from a family of farmers, but my parents changed their professions when I went to... school to learn how to be a merchant. They opened up a small shop, which allowed them to feed us and keep us growing. I studied and graduated from primary school and high school near my hometown. My home province is one of the calmest of the north; I love its nature and scenery. But a change in my life had to come about, as I decided to continue my studies at the university in the Industrial Chemistry department of the science faculty. My grades were very good and I didn't even dream about handicrafts at that time. I wanted to be a professor in the university or in high school and repay my obligation to my home. I think that only those who graduate can raise this country to be healthier.

"However, life cannot be predicted and when I graduated I had to join the army for about a year. Afterwards I applied to become a professor, but the faculty couldn't receive any more professors. But I didn't despair too much. I knew I was going to find a job, and I wanted to learn more. The opportunity arrived when my friend invited me to sell cloth and candles at the market. He is very good at this business and I got to understand the market from this job. Unfortunately, my friend got a new office job and decided to work there. This venture had to end, but I already had something else in mind. Time passed and I began studying job training for the unemployed. During a ceramic course, I met the manager of a ceramic workshop. She invited me to her workshop and I agreed to work with her immediately. But later I had to change my mind again, as I didn't want to be a man working on a salary forever. I decided to leave and start my own workshop. It's hard work but I am very proud.

"I came across you when I was recommended by the owner of a workshop, and I have been making cushion covers, along with a host of other decorative textile items - wall hangings, table runners and bedspreads, among others - to sell on the website. My works are carefully made in every detail to achieve the best quality. I line the inside of my cushion covers for stability of form and endurance. The sewing is very good too. You will never see the seams, and I choose only the best cloth. The design is adapted from the ancient style to be modern, and can be used in every occasion."
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