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We are grateful for the journey we have undertaken, driven by our love for this art form.

"Hello! My name is Panapai, and I specialize in creating blown glass products, particularly in various animal shapes and... earrings. My wife Anongnat and I have a daughter who is currently in her fourth year at a university.

"Although many might find it surprising that I ended up in the art of blown glass, my journey began after I graduated and worked as a mechanic at a car sales company in Chiang Mai for 11 years. Eventually, I decided to pursue my passion for blown glass, which was sparked during my high school years when I frequently visited a relative who worked in the same field. Over time, I honed my skills and grew proficient in the craft, which led me to establish myself as a glassblower.

"In 2002, an excellent opportunity arose when the Thai government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister from Chiang Mai, organized the 'Sunday Walking Street Market'. This event marked the first time arts and crafts were sold there. I decided to participate and sell my blown glass creations at this market, and since then, I have been a regular presence at the market, continuing to showcase and sell my products. Our daughter grew up alongside this Sunday market and learned the art of selling by assisting us. We are immensely proud of her as she has developed her own business acumen.

"In my glassblowing work, I handle both soft and hard Pyrex glass and produce three types of glassware: hollow glassware for scientific use, solid pieces portraying artistic images, and colored glassware. My wife Anongnat plays a crucial role in the operation, helping with earring production, sales, and administrative tasks. Despite facing muscle weakness about 6-7 years ago, she remains resilient and contributes in whatever capacity she can.

"This craft has become an integral part of our lives, and we cherish the opportunity to work in our workshop, even amid the intense heat from the glassblowing equipment. We take pride in engaging with people and informing them that our work sustains not only our family but also supports many other families in our community and beyond.

"Prior to the pandemic, we enjoyed conducting workshops for tourists interested in learning the art of blown glass. It was a gratifying experience to share our knowledge and passion with others. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we had to suspend these workshops temporarily, but we hope to reopen them soon.

"We are grateful for the journey we have undertaken, driven by our love for this art form. It brings us immense joy to see our glassblowing business grow and positively impact lives, and we eagerly await the day when we can resume sharing our craft with others through workshops once again."
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