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Chatchanop Naratcharuj

Chatchanop Naratcharuj

"I started my very first jewelry with a brass nut while I was studying in the mechanical department."

"Hello, my name is Chatchanop. I grew up in a warm family in Lampang (the third-largest city in northern Thailand). My... grandfather and grandmother have had a small jewelry business since the ’50s. Unfortunately, my parents didn't want to stay in this business. However, I felt obligated to continue it because I also like jewelry. It is well known that Lampang is the significant source of rutilated quartz in Thailand; I’m trying to promote this charming quartz in an extensive market.

“Initially, I chose to work in motorcycle repair with my father and finish my High Vocational Certificate in mechanical power technology. I was never happy with that job, but my eyes were open with a passion for jewelry, and I never got bored with it. I started my very first jewelry with a brass nut while I was studying in the mechanical department. I asked my friend to make a ring with a lathe; then, I got inspired to design more and more. I made rings and bracelets from scrap metal, and my teacher became my customer.

“Since then, I have never left jewelry making. I got stones from my grandfather at Lampang and some neighboring countries. Then, I got advice from a cutting technician, and now I have 4 - 5 craftsmen who help me with the production. They're all locals, and every piece must pass my quality control.

“These days, I can't sell my jewelry offline. So I'm trying to adapt my designs. I must go fully into online marketing, and I want to be a supplier in a broader market. My dreams are having a house and workshop in the same area, and having a small coffee shop and a gallery.

“I hope you will appreciate my jewelry and see more of the charms of gemstones and Thai craftsmanship. Thank you.”
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