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Phelicia Darko-Quagriane

Phelicia Darko-Quagriane

"I like rendering social services to others; that is a way for me to give back to society."

“My name is Phelicia Quagraine. I hail from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I am very kind, assertive and hardworking. I am... loyal and reliable as well. I like rendering social services to others; that is a way for me to give back to society.

“In the year 2013, I was part of a group of employees who were laid off our jobs due to the downsizing of workers. I had worked with the company for seventeen years. I thought I was not going to survive, but thanks to the glory of God, I am doing well. After this incident, I decided to explore my God-given talent.

“I admire beaded jewelry a lot. I like wearing them, so I decided to learn how to make them so that I can make varieties for myself. A lady called Lucy taught me how to make beaded jewelry at Kentinkrono in Kumasi, in the Ashanti region. I enrolled in her class in the form of apprenticeship, where I learned to string jewelry with various techniques.

“When I started professional jewelry making, it was difficult at first, reaching out to clients. But when I started wearing some of my designs to church and functions, some people started to ask and placed orders. And that was how I built my customer base. I make use of gemstones, plastic beads and glass beads. I get my inspiration from nature and the environment.

“I have been able to employ four teenagers, who are all doing so well. My aim is to train more people, by way of creating employment. By doing this, more female teenagers are also prevented from being aimless and getting pregnant in their teenage years. With Novica, I have another avenue to market my creative jewelry.”
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