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Deblina and Atul

Deblina and Atul

"We love to blend colors in a manner of mashing up the two different techniques of print and knit."

“We are Deblina Basu and Atul Sangwan, and we come from Noida, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India. Both of us studied... textile design and management. We met in college, became good friends and completed our studies together. Finally, we became life partners. We decided to do something by ourselves and something where we could be together.

“We started our own workshop in 2014 which was majorly involved in the design and exports of garments. We have collaborated with many domestic and international clients from France, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in the past.

“We were very keen to experiment and see what happens with fusing prints and knits together. Our love for knitting started in college, where we got to know that every loop has a design potential of converting it to a collage component. Multiple colors in knitwear can make a huge collage of motifs. We love to blend colors in a manner of mashing up the two different techniques of print and knit.

“We want to have our knitwear recognized as an art and craft form, and our efforts to fuse knitwear with prints and design motifs is redefining the form of this craft as something unique. Individually, each loop is nothing, but collectively they become everything. The power of unity and beauty of putting contrasting things together to make a beautiful collage of wearable artwork is our main motto.

“Initially it was difficult, and we struggled for around 2 years. Then, with time, we started to hone our skills of combining colors better. But today we have enjoyed the journey of the last seven years and are proud of our fusion of knits and prints.

“We travel a lot. While travelling, we take pictures of monuments, textiles, artworks, art pieces and all forms of art. Then we make collages of these designs to bring out the ethos of the place where we traveled.

“We use bamboo, cotton and polyester. After years of practice we have decided that these are the best possible blends to make products of high quality and maintain high standards. We regularly keep track of the market trends, forecasts, needs and requirements of our clients. We try to understand the client’s perspective according to their design needs and price ranges, and hence develop products accordingly. We mastered this craft by persistence and practice.

“Deblina takes care of design, product conceptualization and development, color selection and design development while I take care of production, communication with clients and execution.

“Before COVID, we were working with a team of 60 people. Now, work is badly affected post-COVID, and we are left with a team of 20-25 people. We want to seek more work to offer more employment to people. We want to teach all our team members the art of knitting and print fusion to empower them, so that they can earn their livelihood as well as promote this art to a new generation of artisans.

“We have participated in fairs like IGHF-Noida, IIGF-Delhi and WHO'S NEXT-Paris. We hope to cater to the increasing demand of quality-designed garments for our clients across the globe. We wish to thank you for giving us an opportunity to showcase our talent. We want to be known for our quality of work.”
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