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“Initially I faced a lot of difficulties, but today when I look back I feel proud to have overcome all of them."

“I am Prashant from Noida, a city in Uttar Pradesh. I am very passionate, hardworking and creative by nature. I studied... textile design and gradually worked with an export company for almost 10 years, with a dream to do something of my own someday.

“In 2019, I got my foot in the door of the apparel world all by myself. I started my own workshop with a team of 25 people. I take care of designing, and also look after the production. I am very fortunate to be assisted by my wife. We mostly work with cotton, linen and polyester.

“Initially I faced a lot of difficulties, but today when I look back I feel proud to have overcome all of them. The challenges and successes are what keep me going. Every day is a learning experience, and I have learned so much from my daily work. And with each passing day, I have become a more sensible and mature person.

“I get inspiration from my inner feelings and my own imagination. Giving other people a new perspective is the most challenging thing for me. I wish to create quality designs that best describe a woman of style.

“Different people have different fashion sense and styles, so it’s very challenging to create something which will suit all. We have to plan our collection while keeping the market in mind, as well as the needs of our customers. One always has to be thoughtful about trends and newness, as well as designs that sell well every day.

“Working with me gives my team members many benefits like financial stability, a fixed monthly income and health benefits. I also provide opportunities for internships for college students at my workshop. I feel so hurt to see so many children on the streets who are deprived of education and food. How children, especially girls, are being deprived of their rights, and left to die on the streets. I intend to open an orphanage in the future, and take care of such children.

“I want to expand my work and create a name for myself. I am working towards that, and I wish to thank you for giving us an opportunity to showcase our talent. We want to be known for our quality of work.”
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