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Abhishek Singla

“My father always made silver jewelry, so I have inherited the skills required for this craft."

“I’m Abhishek Singla; I was born in 1993 in New Delhi. My childhood life was very nice; being the youngest kid, I was... always pampered and got what I wanted. But despite being the youngest one, I was always taught the rules of life in a very good manner. I have a great set of childhood friends, who still stand by my side.

“My father always made silver jewelry, so I have inherited the skills required for this craft. I love making silver jewelry, and it is my passion also. Jewelry is something that makes an individual happy or content. That’s why I make them; I’m happy to see people satisfied with their beauty.

“I have a bachelor’s in Commerce, and a master’s in Accounting, which has helped me manage the finance aspect of my business and understand the market.

“I chose Thailand to set up a jewelry shop because this is the spot for tourists from all over the world. Thailand receives the maximum number of visitors from across the globe to buy silver jewelry. This attracted me to organize a shop here in Bangkok, being the most significant metropolitan city. Now I work with more than ten families of artisans, to earn a living and live a healthy life.

“We have a clear division of labor. I design, and source the raw materials; my brother works in production; my sister works in packaging; and my elder brother also helps me a lot in understanding foreign tastes in jewelry.

“I use silver and gemstones as the primary materials. It is not an easy art, and I have to source these products locally. And to become a master, I took an online jewelry course. Also, browsing the internet helped me a lot. I believe I get inspiration from jewelry’s nature. Whatever you see, you can make a design of it in the jewelry. I think my jewelry has good quality stones and handmade designs; these make my products stand out from others.

“Designing is the most challenging part. My favorite thing about the work is the colors of the stones, and the different combinations of stones, that help in making the jewelry beautiful.

“Due to the financial crisis, my family and I face a lot of problems. But with my skill in designing, I’m trying to get back up on my feet and earn money for my family. Challenging; but with patience, you can achieve everything.

“I want to build a brand of silver jewelry in the future, and I hope that you can help me increase my jewelry production and spread the craft of local artisans wider.”
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