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Pornsit Mayuraks

Pornsit Mayuraks

"My family started a silver jewelry business when I was very young, and I've been associated with it ever since."

"Hi! I'm Pornsit Mayuraks, or you can call me 'Noi'. I was born in 1988 in Bangkok. My family started a silver jewelry... business when I was very young, and I've been associated with it ever since.

"My mother resigned from a government office to start this business. However, after I graduated from university, I still could not find what I liked to do or what I wanted to be. So I decided to continue in the silver jewelry business. At first, I didn't think I would like jewelry, but I guess its familiarity since I was young made me eventually love this job.

"My very first product was polished silver rings; I started from a silver piece, cutting into a ring, then use a letter mold to hammer my nickname in an inner circle and jointed it. At that time, polished silver rings were trendy.

"And the product of which I am proudest is a bracelet with a name tag; I made it from silver wire by bending it into a small ring and threading it to be a bracelet. Then I used a silver sheet and hammered the name tag. Because it was a complicated process and difficult for me, I was very proud when it was finished. It was the first gift I made that I gave to my mother on her birthday.

"Now I have this business with my family. We have a jewelry workshop and some workers; most are villagers living in that area. My workshop can provide them with extra income, and sometimes I hire some jewelry experts to train them to develop their skills.

"The uniqueness of our products is the quality that exceeds the price paid by customers. We make a variety of products in each category, with care in every production process that customers can feel through my products.

"My future goals are to open a jewelry shop in my style; I want to design everything from the characteristics of a product to the shop's theme. And the work has to be unique, high quality, limited production, or made-to-order.

"I hope you will support my products and appreciate every aspect of my designs. Thank you."
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