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Aldo Norero

“What I like the most about my art is the designs that one can capture in a sweater, in a cape, in any garment."

“My name is Aldo Norero Jarrín. I was born in 1975. I consider myself to be a perfectionist--always trying to make sure... everything is correct, without errors, which can sometimes generate moments of tension, but we always overcome it as a team. I am responsible--in all respects, times, obligations and commitments. I think that being responsible can take us very far, because it is in this way that many doors can be opened in any area of life. I am SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE--trying to help and collaborate with the community in any way possible. And much better if it is philanthropic.

“The person who taught me this art was my sister. For over 16 years, I have encouraged many people to fall in love with this craft and begin to develop their skills in weaving and the production of products. Initially, I only worked with 2 or 3 assistants and 6 to 8 collaborators who were dedicated to knitting for us. Little by little, we grew. Today we have more artisans in various fields involved in the world of alpaca, including manual weavers, machine weavers, designers and furriers.

“I became interested in this art because my sister worked in companies that export alpaca products. She started a similar business in the USA. Initially, I helped select and send her some of her products, while at a very young age I worked as head of marketing for a business group. But seeing the work that the artisans did, sharing their customs, their territories, etc., made me increasingly involved in this world. I put aside my other activities to dedicate myself 100% to this craft, and it has been like that until today. I have been in the textile world for more than 16 years.

“This is an art that is made with the hands, art that is made in each design, art that is achieved with each texture. It is an art so easy to fall in love with. I am not a master in this art. I love sharing my knowledge and encouraging artisans and weavers to get involved in this world and give it the tools necessary for them to explore and exploit their abilities to the fullest.

“What my team and I use to a great extent are alpaca yarns in various compositions, be it alpaca mixed with other fibers, baby alpaca, suri alpaca, alpaca fur, etc. Some experience and skill is required to work with these materials, since being a fine fiber it is delicate. One must work on the appropriate machines or tools, so that the thread does not suffer alterations, does not break or have a bad behavior of tension, torsion, etc.

“Not counting what one generally wants in terms of family health and well-being, I believe that one of my biggest goals is to be able to help my community have enough money to invest in social works, and to help people meet urgent needs like operations, health trips, and medicines. These situations are heard about on a daily basis, and sometimes many of us could collaborate without harming ourselves. I wish to continue promoting the growth of my work that I do with such passion so that I can have more collaborators who are involved in this world of alpaca and continue to show the world their skills with weaving, because really these artisans and weavers have art in their hands. Personally, I hope to achieve the professional and personal development of my children. And also always try to achieve family and spiritual peace that are very necessary.

“What I like the most about my art is the designs that one can capture in a sweater, in a cape, in any garment. How one can work different textures, points, tensions that make customers fall in love with the garments. There is nothing better than working as a team and being happy with the final results of the work and, on the other hand, seeing customers surprised and praising what they receive. The most challenging thing I think is constantly innovating. We are in such a changing world that we must vary and open our eyes to the changes that occur in designs, trends, etc., apart from the increasingly growing competition that exists.

“I am inspired by worldwide fashion; I am constantly researching the market. From there we base ourselves on creating products that are to your tastes, but always carrying our Peruvian culture inside our garments. The beauty of art is shared, and that is how I try to give the artisans all the necessary training facilities so that they can develop their skills from the beginning, teaching them what to do in the best way. Once the teaching period is over, we grant them the facility to take the yarns home and work in their free time without neglecting what they do. In some cases, they want to take care of their families. In some cases, even women consider that it is the mother's job to care for the family, and we facilitate them so that while they carry out this work, they can develop for the good of themselves and their children. The weavers who want to dedicate themselves 100% to weaving or embroidering have all the facility to be able to do it full-time. I am very happy for this great opportunity. Thank you so much.”
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