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Violeta Pacheco

Violeta Pacheco

"For me, being in my workshop is not a job; it is my passion. It is a part of my life that I love."

"My name is Violeta Pacheco. I was born in the city of Lima in 1971. I consider myself to be an independent, dreamy, and... optimistic woman who is very confident in every goal that I strive towards and in every step that I take.

"I am a very fortunate woman. I had a very happy and tranquil childhood with my family. My parents separated when I was 13 years old. Because of this, I stayed with my father, who was the most important figure in my life. He was a good man and a great friend. My father taught me to be independent and to always face problems and obstacles, despite the fact that we experienced times when we were very poor. He persevered in learning and motivated us as a family to strive, not only during the bad times, but also during the good ones.

"One of the most difficult moments in my life was the passing of my father. I was married with one daughter when he left this world. I thought I would not be able to get through it, since the bond I shared with my father was very strong. He suffered two bouts of cerebral thrombosis. One day, after celebrating his birthday, he fell into a coma and never woke. I believe that this was without a doubt the most painful thing that I have lived through, but I could rise above it because my father left me all of his strength, will, and perseverance in order to face all kinds of situations.

"My husband and I have been together for almost 25 years. When I was studying in the university, he became my life partner, my best friend, my confidant. He is a very grounded person. He listens to me, supports me, and is with me in every moment, encouraging each of my ideas and pushing me to achieve my goals. I believe that without his support, it would have been difficult carrying on with our life and professional projects.

#When I had my oldest daughter, I took a break and paused my projects. I could not in that moment dedicate myself to my work 100 percent, since I had to take care of my little girl. I found myself studying administration in the university without imagining that I would one day work in the textile arts.

"I was able to find work very close to textile production as an assistant of a known artisan. I began to see how the apparel and accessories were designed and created, and this is how everything began. Later, I went to a district in Lima to sell in a little shop. This is when my husband and I decided to open this space and I began learning to manage prices, designs, and suppliers.

"One day, I began to create textiles with my own knitting machines. I was able to acquire them with payday loans as well as a lot of effort and work. I also knew that I wanted to continue growing. We made the great leap to creating alpaca clothing when I received a special grant to work with this beautiful fiber, which inspired me to develop and grow my workshop.

"My plans, dreams, and hopes for the future are to be able to grow even more with my team, and that the designs that we develop will arrive not only at national markets, but international ones as well. And I hope to be recognized at the professional level. At the personal level, I hope to always have dreams and I continue to motivate my team.

"I am proud of the artisans who collaborate with me. They are the people most involved in the work. They are very attentive, strong, and imaginative, ready for anything. We have been through highs and lows, but we always knew we would get through them together. For me, being in my workshop is not a job; it is my passion. It is a part of my life that I love.

“What I like the most about my art is being able to express what inspires me the most. I found my path of independence and happiness in this work. My inspirations are always my family and my team. They are the ones who ensure that everything works and that I continue growing."
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