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Edison Canal

Edison Canal

"The colors carry me, impress me, and surprise me, and I really like combining them."

“My name is Edison Canal Mamani. I was born in the imperial city of Cuzco in a district named Urcos. Its beauty is... highlighted in the Plaza de Armas, and in its center there is a statue in honor of Túpac Amaru. Next to the plaza is the Urcos Church. This Catholic temple of Urcos is a beautiful stone construction where there is a mural painting known as ‘The Baptism of Christ.’ I am very proud to belong to this beautiful city full of history and cultural magic.

“I consider myself to be a hardworking, honest, and very responsible man. I believe firmly that all of our efforts will reward us one day or another, but it is necessary to strive and be dedicated. One of my plans for the future is to become a renowned textile artist throughout Cuzco and Peru, as well as on an international level, growing as a business, team, and family.

“All of this began when I started working in a community named ‘Servants of Saint Joseph’ in the district where I was born and raised. This community brought machines for weaving clothing, which surprised me, and I immediately wanted to learn about this art and everything that it could do. From the start, I did not doubt that it would be the activity that I would do all of my life, designing and creating clothing, seeing how my work would delight so many people beyond my community. In order to begin learning and acquiring mastery in this art, constant training is important. Going to fairs and business events, I gained knowledge about local and international trade.

“This wonderful community here has given me so much. Thanks to them, today I can be a teacher of textile arts, training workers and everyone else who desires to enter this world of textiles. In one of these classes, I met the love of my life--my wife, my friend, and my confidant--and we share this marvelous art together.

“What I like the most about my art is being able to design every item, every textile, and every style. For me, it is a fantastic world where I let my mind soar. The colors carry me, impress me, and surprise me, and I really like combining them. I draw inspiration from my village in the beautiful, magical city of Cuzco, with its clear skies, climate, colors, traditional attire, the faces of its people, and the day-to-day that surrounds me with life and color. This is what inspires me.

“Beginning to work on my own was a very complicated decision, and I had a choice between becoming a teacher and a textile artisan. Finally, I made the decision to do both things as much as possible. For me, it has been very inspiring and fun, filling my heart and soul. Working with family is the most beautiful thing. My wife is in charge of the marketing aspect, and she helps me train assistants.

“I seek quality and excellence in my art, generating work not only for me, but for my community, giving my assistants a greater quality of life and the knowledge needed to take care of themselves. I am very happy to be part of the Novica family.”
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