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Martha and Ambar Mireles

"I can always find inspiration in the iconography of Mexico and in our immense variety of gemstones and minerals."

"We are a team of mother and daughter. We craft unique jewelry using pieces of Mexico's legendary Mata Ortiz pottery,... combined with 18K gold plated wire, crystals, agate, river pearls, leather and obsidian. We have participated in fairs and exhibitions in our city since 1998, and continue taking courses to stay up to date, some of them in the Casa del Arte de Chihuahua.

"When I was a child, colors and symbols attracted me. I'm Martha Julia Mireles, originally from Chihuahua. I've always felt an enormous fascination with jewelry and its different facets. I decided to take some courses in the Casa del Arte.

"When I decided to launch this project, it was a difficult challenge to face. However, during the initial development process, I found much satisfaction such as appreciating my shoppers and companions in the workshop.

"I can always find inspiration in the iconography of Mexico and in our immense variety of gemstones and minerals. Playing with colors, materials, forms and techniques also inspires me.

"I love to attend design bazaars, to learn about new materials and be in contact with the new trends in fashion, colors, forms and elements. This helps me perfect my techniques.

"I especially love the process of imagining and modeling a design but the challenge and fun are in the process of connecting the pieces by hand with agates or gemstones. Stainless steel wire bathed in 18k gold is my favorite.

"I use agates in all colors as well as ceramic in much of my jewelry.

"My main objective is to encourage the talent of Chihuahua to satisfy the needs of fashion trends. I want to share our creativity and see it recognized and rescued."

"My dream is that our handcrafted jewelry becomes internationally known," Ambar adds. "It's exciting to think that a person from the other side of the world will use some design made by us because everything we make contains a piece of our history and heart."
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